Drinking Coffee, Where I am.


A month ago, I lived as if in a dream. Cool breezes kissed my face and rolling green-blue hills blanketed with swirls of clouds confined me to the apex of the mountain. I sipped my coffee while looking out at the plantation it originated from. It took me a few days before my reality was clear to me:

I’m drinking coffee in a rain forest…

I was fulfilling my dreams that all the hipster coffee and backpacking photos on tumblr have kindled. I felt infinite to say the least. There with me were a group of high schoolers from Texas and a German. Sounds like the start to a meaningless joke about humanity, but it’s not, it’s the start to an adventurous week filled with camping, rain, and coffee.

After my month in Haiti, I jumped onto Caribe Tours and embraced my journey back to my little mountain town of Jarabacoa. Traveling themes for this year followed their normal path; therefore, only days after I as back, I was packing my backpack once again. Ironically though, this time for the original purpose of a backpack: backpacking…in the woods. It was amazing to see all that could happen in a week; hiking in thunderstorms, cooking without abundance, picking coffee, and enduring sickness in the woods. It was a week of wonder.

Unfortunately, it ended. But the smell of coffee did not. It followed me back to Doulos where I sat at the cafe every morning, drank my morning cup of joe and drew my heart’s desires. Then as that ended I packed my backpack for the last time along with a few extra pounds of the beans and jumped on a plane.  The smell literally followed me from the plan to where I work at a coffee shop as well as with Story Tellers Coffee. The sweet aroma always seems to be surrounding me.

It’s interesting how when I think about my childhood, coffee is something I think of. Lately it’s been a theme to my life, from the coffee shops of my childhood, to the DR, and now with Story Tellers and working at a coffee shop, it just seems to always be around. It’s a lovely drink that has so much impact on the world…it is the number 2 commodity in the world after oil you know… the fuel of our bodies. A month ago I learned as much as I could about it  while living in it’s pleasant aroma and now, reality is blissfully starting to settle in again:

I’m drinking coffee in the mountains of Colorado…

I’d say by the sounds of that, I’m still living in a dream.