I would like to say, “Happy Anniversary.”

Happy anniversary to those who a year ago  were wed to the real world. Today marks the day that my friends and I walked down a path that led to our dreams. The dream was different for each of us, to some the path took them leaving their imprisoning town and constitutional environments, to others it was entering into subjects they actually enjoyed. Then there were some of us who saw the path as a way to grow up and have the respect that came a long with it. The ultimate dream from all of us was to say we achieved the concept known as high school. So we took our steps down the aisle to our dreams. Along with parchment we were told to take our dreams and live them.


It took me 48 hours before I started living my dream and jumped on a plane. (In all reality, I guess you could say I started living it 10 months earlier as I stepped onto the plane to Germany.) After graduating and many tears from my partings of people whom I truly love, one of those people and I set off to view the world and feed our wanderlust minds. A year later, my wanderlust has not yet left me. It’s crazy to think that it’s been an entire year. It literally seems like yesterday that I was trying to jump the fence to the Kandern pool or walking with those I loved throughout the Black Forest. But I guess it really has been a year eh?

Well, happy anniversary to those of you who have experienced this year and have been living your dreams. Don’t forget to continue on with the same excitement you walked down that aisle with. I would put some wisdom here about the real world and about being married to it, but what do I know.