Goats. What an Idea…


I mean look at this guy; it’s a picture of beauty.

This post might not be as deep as my last one, but we’ll see what I can muster up.

Here’s a little secret about goats; they’re amazing. Not only are they extremely amazing, but they’re cute. If there were one farm animal that I would bring and have at my house in America, it’d be a goat. (well, and about 10 chickens.)

Here’s my reasoning why I am quickly falling in love with them. They are so beneficial and easy to take care of. Did you know that from a goat you can get milk, cheese, meat, and a lawn mower? It’s true! All you need to do to take care of them is green grass and water. So just let them roam free and benefit from what they produce.

There are more reasons why I think that they are just so darn neat. One of them is that here at Second Mile, when a mom is finish with the education program and her baby is in a healthy enough stage to leave, we give them a goat. Then they can take this goat, get milk, baby goats, cheese, and meat! It’s a way that after leaving, they have an amazing way to have business opportunities. They can sell the milk, the babies, the cheese, the meat, all of it and make a profit from it. Isn’t that just an amazing idea? I think it’s a grand idea. It’s a way to share and help that wont end…it’s something that can continue past one person’s giving.

Everyday that we are out at the land, where the moms stay, I receive such joy from seeing the goats. Yesterday two of them were playing together and I must say, it was cuter than dogs playing. Not sure if many people think dogs playing is cute, that just might be me. So my reference might be a bit off. But anyways, I think its neat to be able to give someone something that they can actually use.

If you have fallen in love too, then you better listen up. You can be apart of this small business opportunity and help give goats to moms. It’s something that will help and something that will always be needed. Here’s how you can help:

go to: http://secondmilehaiti.com and click the donate button. After that, it’s self explanatory all the way to the comment box. Once you’re there say that it’s for a goat and you’re golden- You’ve then started the process to give another mom a precious animal.


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