Dreaming a Deeper Dream

At first I was impressed by their age. Now, I’m amazed by them.


Jenn and Amy, two daughters of Christ that let that title shine. I can’t help but to just be memorized by them and be thankful that I get to spend an internship watching and learning  from them. The way I’ve see them live about their dream inspires me to go achieve mine. Well, to create dreams that seem impossible for me to achieve without God directing my every move; because quite frankly, if God is directing my dreams and steps in-between, nothing is impossible. God’s pretty neat like that…

The thing I love is the way they think. They just know how to do things. The way they have set up their ministry can only have room for God to work best for the Haitian people, and not just for the expats coming in. It’s to encourage and allow the Haitians to grow on their own in the best possible ways. They really have gone beyond being a “clinic for moms.” (That’s what I find difficult. How am I suppose to describe to people where I am, what is being done here, or just how amazing it is without taking up their entire day? There are just so many amazing things going on right now that I can’t just “sum it up.”) They want to have a clinic for moms and their babies in order to educate the mothers how to care for their child while sick but also to allow them to be together during the experience. Just this idea by itself is amazing- at least I think so. BUT then, they want to give them business opportunities. (This is when it gets amazing…) Some of the ways this is done is through making beads, selling eggs, selling goat and cow milk, sewing… the list goes on. Today, I realized just how amazing it all is mainly because I was telling someone how they want to be self sustainable.


Their sustainable farm!

Who does that? By next year, they will be able to feed everyone on the land including some to take to sell- both meat and vegetables and have solar power. This just puzzles me…one day someone will write a book on them. It will read that they opened a clinic while in their early 20’s but that they did it with such detail that it went “the second mile” with all the opportunities besides the medical need. I would also like to point out the fact that Jenn has said that when the clinic is all up and running her dream would be to start a school. How great is that.

The world needs more people like them. People who realize that somethings just need to go beyond what the norm is. They’re pretty neat if you haven’t noticed so far. They’re good people to learn from…

I’m tempted to continue raving about them, but I might not be able to stop. God really does shine through them. It’s beautiful being able to see Christ’s heart shown every morning. I wish more people could watch them smile; they’d meet Christ through the sight…


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