“Remember the ladies with baskets on their heads?”

I like to tell some people that my life story began in Haiti. This comment may sound a bit weird if you know parts of my story or you might be really impressed by what I am about to say, or you could be my family, in which case; you’re laughing because you know the whole story:

It was back in the 80’s when my family had moved to Haiti for mission reasons. For six years there were picklis with rice and beans to be eaten and adventures to live. And boy were there some adventures to be told about later on. My favorite, the ladies who seemed to always have baskets on their heads. The catch: I was born in the 90’s. Yes, that’s correct, I wasn’t in Haiti. None the less, I thought I was and thus began a vivid imagination. I used to mention to my family random comments about the tap taps and those ladies with baskets on their heads. Only to be responded by my family with, “Anna, you weren’t born yet! You weren’t there…” Well… what do they know.

In reality, it effected me. It changed the way my family acted and the lifestyle we lived. Because of the experience they experienced it has fueled my desire to travel and it gave me an awareness of the world from an early age. But  most importantly, it has bought me here, the island of Haiti itself. I’m originally here to learn spanish in the Dominican Republic but by God’s will I’m able to write this post in the place where ladies wear baskets on their head.

For the past few months I have been in the Dominican Republic hosting mission teams at a school called Doulos Discovery School. I’ve been trying to fulfill my goal of learning spanish so that when I obtain my nursing degree, I will be able to put on my resumé that I speak another language. So far, I think I’m on track. It’s been an amazing few months filled with meeting amazing people, jumping into waterfalls and oceans with clothes on, bug bites, rice, and pure adventure.  About a month ago I was given the opportunity to go to Haiti for the weekend to visit two wonderful ladies that are in their 20’s. One was a nurse and the other was in charge of construction and  their dream; to provide for the physical needs of sick and malnourished children while empowering their mothers through health education and small business opportunities. We went and learned all about their mission and saw their property. Then we went back to the Dominican Republic. After a few weeks of being able to be their “translator” on the DR side of the island, they said I should come back to Haiti.

Long story short I took a took a short leave from my Dominican internship and am now in an internship in Haiti with Second Mile Haiti (internship squared I like to call it.) I think it’s really neat that I am here. This is where my family was, back where every thing started to fuel my desire to “Go!” This is where I say my life started and this is where I start my blog. I mean, why not, I needed a corny way to start it. My other option was to talk about coffee and say “the ‘bean’gining.” That will probably still be used later on- despite the cheesiness of it.
So here I am, in Haiti.


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